Edamame Cauli Rice Buddha Bowl

by - February 19, 2014

I know what you're thinking: Buddha Bowl? I first came across one in Choice Health Bar, in Hawaii. Well, as intriguing as it sounds, the chemistry of a Buddha bowl is pretty simple. It is made, essentially, of your grain of choice garnished with any vegetable you can dream of. So I decided to make one that subbed the grain for a lighter, more veggie-licious ingredient: Cauli Rice! As well as one that packed in the B12. And if you're not a cauliflower fan (I honestly don't understand your kind), fear not! The cauli-rice, interestingly, tastes little like it's original form.

1 cup cooked Cauli- Rice*// 1/2 cup steamed edamame pods, or a a bean of choice// 3 tbsp raisins// 2 tbsp flaked almonds// 1 tbsp fortified nutritional yeast flakes

This one's a no-brainer, dump all the ingredients into a fancy bowl (you could get those coincidentally name 'Buddha Bowl') and consume!

* To make cauli-rice, cut up a cauliflower heard into florets, and steam until soft. You could also nuke it in the microwave if patience isn't you thing. Then blitz the cooled cauliflower in a food processor until in resembles cous cous. Blending too much may give you cauli-mash! Which is equally fab, just not ideal.

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