Muesli With a Twist

by - February 20, 2014

I've had the oddest habit of eating muesli dry. I know you're supposed to soak it in juice, or milk or in yogurt. I know muesli is too dry and unsweetened and bleah on it's own. But I adore it.
Until I discovered that if you replace the normal, boring, rolled oats with puffed oats. It's even better on it's own, and enough to convert any anti-solo-muesli advocate. However, I must admit that it does taste much better stirred into thick coconut milk yogurt. Because of the puffed oats, it's much lighter than normal muesli and the marriage of it with the decadent coconut yogurt is divine. I didn't use measurements here because I find muesli is a very personal thing, you either like it nutty, or you don't. You like it fruity, or not. So follow your heart (and you stomach).

Puffed Oats // Cocoa Nibs // Sesame Seeds // Linseeds // Cashews // Raisins // Dried Cranberries // Walnuts

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