Pantry Staples: Infused water

by - February 20, 2014

Not a recipe per se, but something I could not live without! I am not a great plain water lover. I hate the stuff. Especially if it's lukewarm! But I realised that in the summer months, hot tea will not be able to make up for my lack of plain water consumption.

I know! If you don't already drink infused water: you are skeptical. How will a slice of lemon or a spritz of mint make me drink something I despise? But try a jug, and I promise. You will never stop.

The trick is to always have a full jug in the fridge. When you're out, top in up with more water. The flavour usually lasts in the herbs/fruit several re-fills.

Mix it up! But here are my favourites:

1. Lemon, lime, cilantro,
2. Lemon, Basil
3. Watermelon, Rosemary
4. Apple, cinnamon
5. Pineapple, Mint
6. Strawberry, Kiwi
7. Cucumber, Mint
8. All Citrus: (Lemon, lime, Orange, Grapefruit)
9. Raspberry, Lime
10. Rosewater, Mint
11. Passion Fruit

Slice up any fruit (except berries), tear up herb leaves and steep in water of any temperature, about half an hour. If you are careful not to pour out any of the fruit or herbs, refill without having to re-flavour!

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