Rosehip Basil Pudding

by - February 19, 2014

I am going to do something very special: I am going to tell you a secret. Unless you've been living under a rock, you will have realised that chia seeds are all the rage. Chia puddings and jams and drinks and gels. It's not surprising that the price of this teensy little seed has skyrocketed.
Enter Basil (or sabja) seeds, their distant--but of equal water-absorbant-power--relative. They are both from the Mint Family.
In asia, these seeds are put into drinks and desserts. They have a different nutritional profile than the chia seed, and if you're into that kind to stuff, here is a little more info. But enough talk! Now down to the recipe that calls for these, more reasonably priced, superfood. (p.s. Rosehip powder itself claims to be an excellent relief for arthritis)

1 cup Almond Milk// 2 tbsp basil seeds*// 1 tbsp Rosehip Powder// 1 tbsp maple syrup

Place in mason jar, shake and refrigerate. Basil seeds inflate much faster than chia seeds, so you can actually wait and watch it expand, you little daredevil, you.

*If basil seeds are not an option (you can get them in small quantities easily off Amazon, if you're skeptical), chia seeds work well in this too. However, they take significantly longer to expand!

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