Lavender Coconut Bath Bombs

by - April 08, 2014

  Here's to my first non-food related post! This is not edible per se, but who is to say you can't enjoy it while having, for example, a bowl of raw carrot cake or healthy cookie dough?
  No one, that's who.
  Also, I didn't have citric acid to make these, and I doubt many of you will. SO here is an easy pantry-staple substitute! I have chosen to make an ultra small yield recipe, because they have no preservatives so using them up is easy and you get fresh bombs every week or so. 

2 tbsp baking soda
1 tbsp cornstarch
1 tbsp lavender mineral salt (you can use any bath salt, just add a few extra drops of essential oil)
1.5 tsp cream of tartar
1 tbsp dried lavender leaves (or fresh! if you have them)
Violet food colouring (gel, never use water based!)
2 drops lavender essential oil
30 ml coconut oil
water spray bottle (or witch hazel, if you have that)

Mix all your dry ingredients and wet ingredients in two separate bowls. Slowly, add the wet to the dry, stirring constantly. Once it is well incorporated, pick up a bit in your hand and squeeze it. Does it stick together like wet sand? If it does, you can skip the water step (it all depends on the humidity)
Now do this step very carefully if using water and not witch hazel, too much water and you set off the bath bomb mixture prematurely. Spritz a bit of water, mix, test the wet sand texture. Then repeat if necessary. If the mixture starts bubbling and fizzing where water has landed, quickly stir it around so it gets distributed evenly and the reaction stops.
When it is finally the texture of wet sand, within 10 minutes of getting to this stage YOU NEED TO PUT THEM INTO MOULDS. Otherwise they dry out and never clump together. So tightly compact your mixture into moulds, you can sprinkle a bit of lavender at the bottom before you do so, as I did. You can use ice cube trays, mini muffin pans, mini doughnut pans, even teensy cupcake liners! Be creative~ I used a mould used for Kuih Bahulu. Pack it as tight as it will go, I got seven mini bombs out of this mixture.
Leave it in a dry place to dry out, about 30 minutes, then overturn the mould on wax paper and tap lightly, to remove them. Leave them on the wax paper until they are fully dry before touching them. I left mine about 4 hours, but it was a humid day.

So drop two or three into a warm bath with candles lit, enya music playing on loop and, as I said, a bowl (or several) of healthy cookie dough

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  1. This is SO GENIUS! I almost never take baths but this totally makes me want to indulge in a nice long, lavender and coconut-scented one :)

    1. I feel you, girl! haha I hate baths except when I get to use bath bombs and light candles and drink tea.