Review: Tiny Teatox by Your Tea

by - August 19, 2014

I was lucky enough to be sent a 14 day Tiny Teatox by Your Tea. The views in this post are entirely my own.

I normally do not subscribe to the whole 'detox your system' idea, like juice cleanses or raw food cleanses. I am not saying that they do not work or that you should not do them, I just find that for me personally, cleanses like these don't really fit into my lifestyle. I don't have the means to make three energy-dense juices for me to drink throughout the day, or eat raw food for every meal.

In addition to that, I find that a lot of the cleanses on the market nowadays also seem to appeal to the public by advertising for quick weight loss. And I do not want to lose weight quickly, or at all to be honest.

But as someone who suffers from IBS, I do get incredibly bloated and when Your Tea asked me to review the tiny Teatox, I was intrigued. It claims to reduces bloating, increase digestive efficiency, clear up your skin, boost you energy, all that jazz. And it does say it helps with reducing weight, but only if you are also eating a weight-loss diet. So it sounded perfect for me.

I started the teatox very skeptical. I had read reviews online about how horrid the tea tasted, how it caused breakouts and upset tummies. I was cautious.

And for the first three days, I believed I was rightly so. I had three new spots on my face (as someone who gets one spot every two months, this was worrying), I was incredibly congested, and bloated. Everything I ate just seemed to stay in my body. Even when I did not have a lot to et, my stomach would swell up like a balloon.

I emailed Your Tea for help. I want to finish my teatox, I said, but I want to make sure that this is the right thing for my body. They were incredibly helpful and replied me quickly. Your body, they explained, is detoxing.

The Teatox is designed to clean out the digestive system, it will stir up old waste and toxins. And these toxins may be ejected from your body in the form of spots, or it may not. Some girls may feel nauseas or constipated or upset for the first few days, it is simply your body trying to remove all the build-up of badness in your body. If symptoms did persist for more that, Your Tea promised to assist me further.

Thankfully, there was no need. My body felt so much better the next day. And the next. So if you do feel horrid in the first bit of your teatox, fear not. Just keep an eye out for any extremely worrying symptoms.

What I loved about the Tiny Teatox:
-It was a 2-week long Teatox, which was very sustainable as I did not get bored of it or forget it.
-The taste! I know some people have claimed otherwise, but this tea was sublime. Do not expect it to taste like English tea. This tea had a very asian tea taste. Think Oolong or red tea. And this tasted like quality stuff. Trust me, I know my oriental teas.
-As long as you had it three times a day, half an hour before or after a meal, you will be fine. I found this rule so easy to follow, because that gave you about an hour around meal times to remember to drink your tea.
-For someone with IBS symptoms, this tea did not give me stomach cramps or any seriously painful side-effects.
-This tea was not a laxative. I know it does contain several ingredients that have laxative qualities, but they are not in huge doses that basically reduce bloated-ness by ejecting everything out of your body (pardon the imagery). Many detoxing teas do this. Your Tea does not.
-It really does do as it advertises. I felt so much more energetic than before, my stomach was completely un-bloated every morning, and swelling after meal times had reduced a lot.

What I did not like as much:
-If you were out-and-about a lot every day, perhaps making this tea three times a day and drinking it while it was still hot may not be incredibly convenient. i suppose you could brew some in advance and chuck it in a thermo-mug, but even insulated stuff cools.
-The first few days were a bit annoying, because every little bit I ate made me feel stuffed to the max. I know I am incredibly impatient and this only showed that the tea was actually working by removing all the toxins.
-You are advised to drink the tea when it is hot or warm. And I am someone who ALWAYS FORGETS that I have a mug of tea beside me and I let it cool too long. I found that when I became a bit stricter about this, I really felt a lot better as well. So try drinking it hot/warm please!

Sasha's conclusion:
I think this teatox is fab. I honestly do. Not many out there taste good, are relatively convenient to consume, and actually do as advertised. Sure ti does have its cons, but what doesn't? And I promise you that for all the trouble it is, it is completely worth it when you feel like a bazillion dollars two weeks later. You can find out more about Your Tea here!

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