Amsterdam: Albert Cuypmarkt

by - September 04, 2014

  I have (finally!) arrived back home after gallivanting about for the past month-ish. Don't get me wrong! I enjoyed it so much and I would probably remember every bit of it forever after, but as a self-proclaimed homebody, I missed my own space a bit too much.
  One place I finally got to visit after years and years of wanting to was Amsterdam. I didn't do many touristy things there, just walked about, visited markets and coffee shops, shopped (duh), and rode the trams for the heck of it.
  I have now a new page up under 'Eating out' about several ultra-fab places I got to pay a visit to in Amsterdam. You can just tell that eating healthy is a huge part of the culture there, with tons of fresh produce, superfoods in every store, vegan places or vegan-friendly places dotted along the shopping streets. I was spoilt for choice there. I already miss it by the bucket-loads.
  Here is my first set of photos from the Albert Cuypmarkt, a famous street market in Amsterdam. I visited this place about 4 times out of the seven I was there for. So obviously I adored it.

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