Mint, Mango and Balsamic Tofu Summer Rolls

by - February 17, 2015

  I do apologise for the increasingly brief posts. I do love making posts decked out in fifty pictures and several gifts and my (hopefully entertaining) anecdotes but. Uni. Life.
  I made these summer rolls to take to a meeting for the Ox-Co op tonight. There is something special about the combination that is mint, mango and balsamic. Please, please, please invest in a good balsamic vinegar. I used an already reduced, sweet balsamic I picked up from a farmer's market here. But you can easily make your own, if just you have the regular ol' balsamic.

Mint, Mango and Balsamic Tofu Summer Rolls
Serves: 1 person

7-8 rice paper skins, mine were 16 cm in diameter
Half large bag of fresh baby spinach, preferably organic (dirty dozen!) and wash it well
Several sprigs of fresh mint
Flesh of half a mango, cut into 8 long thin batons
1/3 a block of extra firm tofu, drained, pressed & cut into strips, and marinated in 1/2 a cup of tamari overnight
Balsamic reduction
2 tbsp tahini
Lemon juice
splash of rice vinegar
Raw core love, of your favourite seeds, black sesame or poppy seeds look lovely here

Dip rice paper skin into a tray of water for 5 seconds. It will still be stiff but will soften as you work, if you soak the skin until it is pliable before filling it, it will be way too soft by the time you get rollin'.

Add several spinach and mint leaves, one strip of marinated tofu, mango and drizzle the balsamic reduction over. Tuck in the sides and roll it over into a summer roll. You can watch this video here on how to roll a summer roll if you are a new-B :P

Repeat until all your ingredients are used up. You may have extra spinach or mint, so keep these and place your spring rolls on top. A plus for presentation, and you can drizzle the extra dipping sauce over and eat it like a salad after the rolls.

For the dipping sauce: Mix 2 tbsp tahini with the juice of half a lemon and stir. If you want it slightly more water and acidic, add a splash of rice wine vinegar. If it is too acidic for you, add a little coconut sugar to sweeten it.

TOP TIP! Always try to eat iron-rich foods (in this case, spinach) with lemon, as it helps in the absorption of the iron in your body. Which is fab, no?

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