Matcha Raw Vegan Cheesecake

by - November 29, 2015

Me + this cake = a matcha made in Heaven.
(wouldn't be a proper post without a pun, amirite?)

Kyra (baby sister who from here on out will be referred to as 'Monkey') came to visit this weekend and demaded that I make her 'that vegan cheesecake thingy of yours' (I quote). She was, of course, referring to my Raw Vegan Chocolate Vanilla Cheesecake.
Being the very loving, very generous, ever doting older sister I am, I said OK. Also, I just really like making cake.

An issue with this cake, though: It isn't cheese. Let's be honest. It doesn't taste terribly like cheesecake, it just looks like it. Slightly. It's a cashew cream cake, to be honest. And that isn't a bad thing. Monkey, a firm lover of all thing dairy, says 'best thing I have ever eaten'.
And since monkey eats (a) a lot of; (b) everything, this must be pretty good

I made a matcha version of the cake because Monkey loves matcha and the colour the powder lends to the cheese cashew cream layer is always so incredibly beautiful.

Matcha Raw Vegan Cheesecake

1 cup almonds
8-9 big medjool dates 
Pinch of sea salt 

Cashew cream layer: 
200g cashews, soaked in water a minimum of an hour but preferably overnight 
1/3 cup honey/sweetener of choice 
2 tsp matcha powder 
1/3 cup coconut oil, softened

Grease a cake pan with a removable base with coconut oil, you can line the sides with parchment, it helps with removal but isn't necessary! Blend the crust ingredients (I used the mill setting) together into a dough and then press it evenly into the bottom of the pan. Drain the soaked cashews and blend them with the rest of the ingredients for the cheese layer, until it forms a smooth paste. Pour this on top of the crust layer and smooth the top out. Add any garnishes if you want! Freeze it for a minimum of 6 hours to let it set, and you can either cut it with a knife dipped in hot water and dried or move it to the fridge an hour before serving.

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